Why Your Hair Sheds After Child Birth

Postpartum Shedding, it’s the word all women dread when it comes to pregnancy. While your hair looks and feels amazing throughout the nine months you spend carrying your precious gift, we all know that good things must come to an end. After child birth besides the physique you once had, you’ll start to notice that your amazing hair goes away as well. We all know the shedding is inevitable but why does this occur?

Owner of Ends Hair Design & Spa and Founder of Endless Hair Care, Natalie, spilled the tea on why postpartum shedding occurs and provided major keys on how to help.

“During your pregnancy, your hormones are raging ever than before and the supplements you take make your hair thick and long. That is why you see many women experience rapid hair growth during their pregnancy. Once child birth occurs, your bodies hormones return to normal and the extra hair you’ve maintained will begin to fall out. Many women make the mistake of continuing to take prenatal vitamins to keep the hair growth but this will not help. You need to ween your body off of the prenatal vitamins in order to prevent a lot of hair loss. I always make my clients who are new moms take half of a vitamin each day to start and then as time passes, we reduce the dosage until they are just taking regular vitamins again. You will always need a supplement but there is no need for the amount that you’ll find in a prenatal vitamin.” -Natalie

Thankfully the shedding that occurs after pregnancy isn’t major so you don’t have to worry about a huge bald spot in the middle of your head. You may experience thinning around the edges and other small areas but Natalie says that with proper hair care, your locks should be normal by the time your child turns 1. Until then, refrain from the tight hairstyles that pull on your hair and make sure you are visiting a professional stylist routinely for the proper treatments. If you have more questions about postpartum shedding and prevention, contact us!



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