Hair Crush: Our Favorite Styles From Odunde

Yesterday, the Odunde Festival kicked off in Philadelphia. For one day, all of South street was filled with small business owners selling clothing, accessories, and hair wraps for Philly locals. The fesitival is know to celebrate African & Diaspora cultures so attendees tend to channel these cultures when arriving to the festival. From crochet braids to blow outs, we saw plenty of hairstyles to crush on and it’s only right that we share them with you!

Big hair don’t care from @skinnyimperfections 


#odunde #latergram

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When you have bold tips like @notapsychic, you can rest your arm anywhere!



A post shared by Maryam Jervay (@whatyousee_isme) on

This pixie cut paired with a head band from @whatyousee_isme is simply everything.


Can we just take a moment to admire @atiya.zaahira giving life with her afro and prints?

Did you attend the Odunde Festival this year? Follow us on instagram @endlesshaircare and tag us in your pictures to be featured!


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