10 Shocking Ways Your Hair Can Fall Out

You know it, but you choose to remain in denial. You see the hair thinning but you’re convinced it’s because its straight. You lie to yourself and say “It’s always been like this”. Some of you might even try to shrug it off saying “It’ll grow back”. GIRL! You need to face the facts that your hair is probably falling out.


The horror of finding your hair fallen in your shower, on the bed, on the dresser, and everywhere on the floor is a nightmare that many of us can relate to. Admittedly, there may have been times when this hair loss problem has gotten out of hand, to the extent that you actually wonder whether the hair on your head will even last a month. Some of you might even wonder what could be causing the problem. Is it unavoidable or does your hair fall due to lack of care? To answer these most frequently asked questions we have come up with a list of the top 10 reasons why hair falls!

Bodily sufferings:

You may find it surprising, but injuries inflicted on your body like car accidents, surgery or diseases like the common flu, may become the reason of your hair thinning. Each hair has its own life cycle and when physical stress disrupts this continuity, more hair is forced into the ending phase of the cycle. Hence, the increased rate of hair loss. The hair loss that can result from these conditions may become the cause of worry for you, but this hair shed is temporary and will probably end soon to allow your hair to grow back as healthy as before!

Insufficient diet:

You are what you eat. There is much significance behind this saying as the food you eat plays an important role in making up every part of your body, as well as your hair. Eating less than the required amount of proteins can really upset your growth systems and affect your hair. The hair strands can start to get thin and brittle, and will eventually fall off. This type of hair loss can last a long time if you don’t take note of your diet, however, if you correct your food intake, the hair loss can stop, and even new hair can start growing.

Male patterned hair fall:

75% of men suffer from baldness. What is the cause? The genes of your family combined with the male hormones. This hair loss follows a characteristic pattern, with the hairline receding at the temples. You may have started to worry, but, there is still hope. Certain medications and ointments are available that especially target this type of baldness to help relieve the male population of this condition. Our founder also has gadgets to help with hair loss.


Daily stresses:

Emotional problems have long been associated with an unhealthy body. Along with the other systems affected, your hair also suffers as part of the damage. However, recent evidence suggests that emotional stress is not the actual culprit responsible. It does not create a hair loss condition, on the contrary, it exacerbates a previous problem to make chunks of your hair fall out. The best way out of this situation is to give yourself a rest and try various ways to eliminate the stress from your life.

Anemic body:

A major part of our population is anemic. Most women suffer, and due to their blood containing extremely low levels of iron, their hair begins to fall out. This is a rapidly reversible condition and can be easily treated with supplements. Contact your doctor to find out whether you really have the problem or not. If you do, the doctor will certainly prescribe you the appropriate treatment.

Vitamin imbalances:

The B vitamins are necessary for the health of your hair. This is another easily correctable reason for hair loss. The hair loss can be reversed by adding foods in your diet that are high in B vitamins, such as fish, meat, and non-citrus fruits. You can also consult your doctor to include supplements for fast reversal of this hair condition.


Major weight loss:

Many of us dream of losing large amounts of weight in a short period of time. Many diets are available on the internet that help you reach your goals. However, what you don’t realize is that such dramatic weight loss can affect the hair on your head drastically. It will lose its shine, strength and will ultimately fall off. So, before trying out those super-fast ways for early weight loss, give that ‘mop’ on your head a quick thought.

Extensive hair styling:

You may never expect this as a cause of your hair loss, but over-styling your hair and frequent treatments can and will damage your hair. Those hair strands that come away every time you make intricate braids in your head are lost forever and if done often can lead to massive hair loss. Obviously, the treatment is simple. Avoid tearing off the hair from your scalp too often, make styles that don’t pull on the strands too hard and opt for hair treatments only when you really need them.

Bearing a child:

Pregnancy is one of the major phases in which women suffer hair loss. Many factors contribute. The havoc of maternal hormones flying about, the emotional stress of the time and the physical stress that your body is in, all contribute in making your hair fall out. Of course, there is no immediate fix, but we can assure you that this hair fall is temporary and once your pregnancy is over, your hair condition is most likely to go back to normal.


The ripe old age:

We all know that hair falls as more numbers are added to our age. One day, all of us will lose part of our hair to this natural phenomenon, however, for some people, this aging process begins sooner than usual. This may cause you stress, but the best way to go around this condition is to simply accept it. Some people have opted for cosmetic surgery’s such as hair transplants, but the risks of such a procedure need to be properly evaluated.

All in all, there is no end to the reasons that could make hair fall. As explained, we cannot put enough stress on the need to correct your diet and living habits as these are the major factors that could be causing hair loss in the average person. Needless to say, your hair won’t improve the very day you change your routine. Even miracles take time. If you are consistent, however, there is no reason why you won’t get the luxurious hair that you once had, back!





A medical student with a passion for writing. Professionally pursuing this hobby, she has written for many career blogs and health and fitness websites. Combining her knowledge with the unique pen ship skills, Aiman Ibrash has started her climb to fame, for which she devotes much of her free time. Juggling medicine with her passion, she still finds time to enjoy reading and cooking in her free time.


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