These 4 Ingredients in Your Fav Shampoo Could Damage Your Hair


Hair is one vanity that men and women alike, idolize. That bush on your head is one of your most prized assets. We want nothing but the best for our hair, we choose the best stylist, the best vitamins, and even the best hair products.

But how do we know if we’re really getting the best product for our hair? Just because it has a big name, doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed protection. The proof lies within the pudding and in our case that pudding is the ingredients.


Do we even look at the ingredients? No! Do we try to find out which of the chemicals may harm us? Definitely not! For us, the popularity of the brand is proof enough of the credibility of the product.

Little do we know that many famous brands are guilty of incorporating chemicals into their hair care products which do give a wow effect in the start, but if used consistently are a cause of extensive and irreparable damage for hair growth.

Do we have your attention? Yes, they can cause irreparable harm to your vain length. To protect you and for the exclusive benefit of your hair, we present a list of the most harmful chemicals that if present, should immediately raise the red flag!

The Hair Breakers:

xkThis group of ingredients is a big No. If applied on a regular basis they strip your hair of moisture and can eat away at your hair strands, weakening them to the extent that they literally break off. The horror they cause is certainly imaginable. The worst part is, once broken, the hair is so fragile that its future growth is likely to stop. So, whenever you find an ingredient label saying Isopropyl alcohol, simply put it right back on the shelf as your hair is certainly better off without it.


The Brittle-hair agents:

This group containing Ethylene glycol is used to dissolve and absorb the oils from your hair. In effect, it basically just evaporates the entire oil content from your strands in the name of a fresher look. You may be surprised to find out that this chemical was originally used to clean ovens. Yes, clean ovens…


How can a chemical, so harsh, be beneficial to your sensitive and soft hair? What shine would be left after you use such products on your mane? Would your hair ever be healthy again?  We leave you to decide whether or not to put this ingredient on the red list.



The Hair Driers:

You may often find yourself wondering why your hair is suddenly so rough and dry. It was fine 2 weeks ago and got even better when you tried out that new shampoo, but why isn’t it working now?


The reason is that certain chemicals in a hair product don’t show their effect early. However, on prolonged use, you may find your hair becoming increasingly dry, day by day. Chemicals like Sulphuric acid and Sodium Laurel are all part of the culprit group. Initially, they do make your hair look healthy but it’s downhill from then on. Trust us, it’s better to avoid such ingredients at all cost.


The Scalp Irritators:

There is a group of chemicals that go deeper than the hair. They target your scalp which is the actual growing part of your mane. The most notable of the agents is polyethylene glycol. The chemical is so two-faced that one can go as far as to call it a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.


While damaging and eating away the constituent protein of our hair and the scalp, the chemical gives off a false charm of smooth and shiny hair. We suggest you avoid using products that use this chemical, as the damage it does can not only cause your hair to fall out but may also cause certain diseases of the scalp.


With all these advancements in science, the chemical world has come up with shortcuts to better hair care. Sad to say, not all of them are actually beneficial for your hair and require due thought before application. Putting on a shampoo or a conditioner or even a hair spray, we never realize what chemicals we are exposing to our hair. However, if we keep on underrating the importance of finding out what we put on our head daily, it may be too late. Clearly, it’s impossible to ever have the glorious hair in the commercials, on the contrary, using brands unknowingly may ultimately cost you your own hair!


About the Blogger:


A medical student with a passion for writing, Aiman Ibrash has written for many sites focusing on career and health. Combining her knowledge with the unique pen ship skills, Aiman Ibrash has started her climb to fame, for which she devotes much of her free time. Besides juggling medicine with her passion, she still finds time to enjoy reading and cooking in her free time.


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