Introducing 5 Sensational Foods That Will Grow Your Hair

One of the questions I get asked a lot is “How can I grow my hair?” you would think it was the secret to life the way so many do research to find the answer. Everyone wants healthy hair and will practically do anything to get it. If I wrote an article stating how jumping up and down on one foot helps growth and had it backed by science, there would be some who would try.

Thankfully, I’m not here to tell you that’s the answer. Instead I’m here to provide an old school way to help your hair growth. I’m so surprised at how many people neglect this but hopefully you will take my advice.

Healthy hair starts with a healthy diet


There’s no way around it. You are what you eat! If you’re consistently eating poor and putting anything in your stomach then expect it to release from your skin and your hair. You can’t expect to grow long locks on a diet of juice and McDoubles, you need nutrients to make your hair grow.


Promoting nutrients in your daily meals will help you evade hair loss and will even make new hair pop out of your head to fill all those previously thin patches for a fuller, more glamorous look. So, without further wait, we give you the following list which describes the different foods that you can eat in order to get your dream Rapunzel hair.



This meal is full to the brim with hair growth promoters like vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids aka “the good fat”, that target your scalp. They help keep this surrounding base of your hair healthy and nourished to make excessive hair growth a possibility. After all, strong hair will only sprout from a healthy ground.



If you have never considered trying this delicacy out, you may want to give it a go now! Oysters are rich in a metal called zinc. The deficiency of this metal in your body causes your hair to drop and makes your scalp unhealthy. However, eating only 5 ounces of this seafood can give you enough zinc to boost your hair growth to maximum levels. It also clears up your scalp to provide the healthy environment that your hair needs to stay happy. Your dream of that long flowing braid may actually be realized.



Eggs have long been rumored to benefit your hair and we will tell you the real reason why. Egg yolk is extremely rich in proteins that help strengthen the basic structure of your hair. Furthermore, it also contains omega-3 fatty acid, which is the ‘good’ fat and biotin, the vitamin which makes your hair grow fast. All these combined can increase your hair growth to give you long lengths in a very short time. Remember, it is the yolk that contains the goodies. Eat them to avail a multitude of nutrients that go straight to your hair!

Yellow peppers:


Vitamin C is a great plus for your hair. It is an antioxidant, having properties which help strengthen the hair so that your lank of hair can grow to extreme lengths without the fear of breakage. It also helps to make the hair bases strong so that they resist pulling and don’t come off as easily as before. Oranges contain vitamin C but yellow bell peppers have 5 and a half times the amount in an orange, clearly stating why they are such an excellent option to include in your diet.



It is no secret that avocados hold the tonic of beauty, so it comes as no surprise that avocados house a bucket load of benefits for your hair. They contain a high content of essential fatty acids, which are great for your hair. They also stimulate the production of fibrous tissue in your hair that helps ground them firmly to your scalp so that it becomes difficult for them to fall off. This enables strong hair, which means your hair can grow longer as they won’t fall off as soon as they lengthen.

Needless to say, your diet plays an essential role in keeping you healthy and beautiful in every way. Your hair also needs you to eat the healthy nutrients instead of the pointless junk that you keep putting in your mouth.

Clearly, for healthier, longer and thicker hair, some dietary modifications are in order. A little addition here and a little change there can make a big difference. Of course, you can’t expect to have a foot length of hair added to your head overnight, but trust us, slowly and surely your hair will certainly grow into the dream locks that you always wanted.


About the Blogger:


A medical student with a passion for writing, Aiman Ibrash has written for many sites focusing on career and health. Combining her knowledge with the unique pen ship skills, Aiman Ibrash has started her climb to fame, for which she devotes much of her free time. Besides juggling medicine with her passion, she still finds time to enjoy reading and cooking in her free time.


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