5 Hairstyles Guaranteed To Help You Get In Formation

It’s official, the country has been invaded by the Beyhive and we have all been stung by the Queen Bee herself, Beyonce. Since releasing her hit single “Formation” and hitting the roads for her tour, women have been rushing out to purchase dashiki dresses and black body suits. An outfit is only the beginning but it’s the hairstyle that will complete the look and we have a few styles to help you get in formation.

Curly Fro Extensions – Sport a fro by grabbing a few curly bundles to complete your look


Cornrows- alternate the sizes for an added dimension

Half up, Half down- nothing like a combo of individuals and cornrows.

Crochet Braids – You can keep the hair twisted or untwist it for a fro!


Faux Locs- Use different colored hair to enhance the look