5 AMAZING Hair Treatments To Give You A Better Hair Flip

Dry and damaged hair can send you running for the hills screaming for a cure. But before you fall into the depths of misery over strands of damaged hair, there is a solution. Hair treatments, which are becoming the go-to option for all these worries, are rising in popularity.

Hair treatments are saving lives not as much as Coconut Oil of course!


But one can not deny the benefits hair treatments have and how they can help with hair damage. Some of the treatments promote hair growth, others help thicken the hair, and some even help with dry scalp!


However, with the many options now available, it has become increasingly difficult to select the best option for you. To help you out with this choice, we have searched the markets high and low to come up with the 5 most nutritious and helping treatments (both artificial and natural) that will make your hair shine and prosper once again.

Hair Treatments in the Market:

-CHI silk Infusion:

This bottle of deliciously scented goodies aims to correct the damaged parts of your hair. The treatment is best for those who suffer from thinning strands of hair as well those with over-processed and dry hair complaints.

Its nutrient formula helps to replenish hair proteins and water-content to give you back the shiny strong hair that you once had. Furthermore, CHI silk infusion has been used to relieve the dreadful hair tangles as well, so using this treatment can act as a one-stop solution to all your hair problems.


-Lush Jasmine and Henna Fluff Eaze

This thick nutritious mask for your hair has been credited as one of the best relievers of frizz and unruly strands.

Giving marked effect with only a single use, this hair treatment aims to give your hair the health and strength they had lacked for so long. Its heavenly jasmine aroma is only an added plus to the great benefits of the hair treatment itself.

Natural hair treatments:

-Raw egg:

This hair treatment, although a contradictory option at first sight, is nevertheless extremely beneficial to all hair types.

The egg contains numerous nutrients in its yolk as well as its whites that aim to improve different aspects of your hair health. The egg whites are effective in treating oily hair, whereas the yolks focus on the moisturizing part. This helps to replenish the water content of dry, brittle hair.

In addition, both have a conditioning effect that smooths out tangles and gives your hair a silky gleam naturally.


This natural hair treatment aims at rejuvenating the dull hair to bring back its lost shine and luster.

The lactic acid present in it helps to gently remove the dirt from the hair bed while the fat in the milk aims to moisturize the hair strands to give a smoother healthier appearance.

This damage reversal by yogurt has been around for centuries and is surely effective to be present even to this day.


A straight tip of the scales right? Well, this beer is not for drinking. Instead, it is here to serve its purpose as a natural hair treatment for limp and lusterless hair.

It may seem odd, but it is effective. Many celebrities have admitted to using it regularly to get flawless, buoyant hair. Why is it so beneficial? Well, the drink contains abundant quantities of yeast that once applied to those limp locks can plump them up in a jiffy. Come to think of it, this might be the secret behind that gorgeous hair of your favorite actress!

Artificial or natural, we have displayed the top picks that we considered best in the world of hair treatments. Of course, each of them serves to enhance a specific feature of your hair, for a more focused approach.

Whether it’s dry hair that bothers you or limp locks that worry, there is a treatment for every problem. The guide given above will certainly help you on the way to getting your hair treated best. Choosing the one that suits you the most lies on you. So which treatment will you be using? Comment your picks below!


About the Blogger:


A medical student with a passion for writing, Aiman Ibrash has written for many sites focusing on career and health. Combining her knowledge with her unique writing skills, Aiman Ibrash has started her climb to fame, for which she devotes much of her free time. Besides juggling medicine with her passion, she still finds time to enjoy reading and cooking in her free time. You can also see more of her work here.


Why Coconut Oil Is Good For Your Hair & Gives You Life!

Is your hair shedding again? Are you suffering from those common white flakes that seem to haunt even the best of us? Well, your granny would have an answer to your problems and we will most heartily agree. Coconut oil, the all-time favorite of grandmothers for what seems like forever & the solution to life.

Whatever problem you might have, coconut oil provides a solution. Got dry skin? Use coconut oil. Want to eat better? cook with coconut oil. Had a bad year? slather some coconut oil on the new year.


It’s no secret that coconut oil is life but what’s in this oil that has made it so useful for hair? To answer this same question, we did a little bit of digging and unearthed an entire list of hair benefits that research has proved Coconut oil to have.

Insane Hair Growth


Do you have a wish for long flowing hair that reach down to the floor? Yes, we do too, but sadly our hair does not have the strength to lengthen to that extent. However, coconut oil can be your solution. It can lengthen your hair and will surely help it to grow to lengths that you have always dreamed of.

The oil has the unique ability to go into the follicles of the hair to stimulate growth. Not only this, but because of its ability to strengthen the hair roots and make the scalp environment better, the oil also has a special function to reduce hair loss.

You can achieve this by:

  1. Using the oil as a deep conditioner
  2. Applying the oil to frizzy hair to help control frizz. Also rubbing some oil on your hands prior to taking down a twist or braid out, to help prevent frizz and dryness.
  3. Using the oil as a sealant after your wash, condition and or leave in conditioner routine to help lock in that moisture.
  4. Using the oil to protect hair from heat. Place a generous amount of oil into your hair prior to blow drying. This can be used in addition to a cream or dry spray heat protectant.

Repair Split Ends

In addition, your split end problem can also be conquered. Coconut oil has the unique ability to strengthen your hair and prevent them from breaking which ultimately prevents this disaster.


Its moisturizing action on the hair strands helps to replenish their water content, making them smooth, healthy, and light which makes the hair buoyant and voluminous. The oil also helps to make hair soft and adds shine which gives you the bounce you desire.

Here are some examples:

  1. Before flat ironing your hair rub a dime size amount of oil specifically to the ends of your hair. This helps with heat damage.

Disclaimer: coconut oil will not cure split ends, the only for sure way to eliminate split ends is to cut them off completely. That is why trimming is important


Treat Your Scalp

large (1)

Let alone the hair, coconut oil goes deep and acts on the very scalp and the cells that produce hair to ensure their working flawlessly. The oil moisturizes the scalp skin, preventing it from drying and handles that dandruff issue so that you can enjoy those winter seasons, free of worry.

Its antiseptic action also helps fight against invading organisms to prevent itching problems and infections, helping your scalp stay healthy, as well as saving you the embarrassment of being spotted, constantly scratching (or patting) your head!

How can you do this?

  • Before shampooing take a generous amount of oil and rub it onto your scalp, then let that set for a few minutes. This will help bring your dry flake to surface and after you have washed your hair prevent any flakes from being left behind.

As I said, the benefits of the oil are enormous. Its uses are so varied yet beneficial that having it in the house is a must! What’s more, using it also very easy. All you have to do is either apply it before a bath, massaging it on to your head to leave for about an hour, or you could apply it after a shower and then dry shampoo your hair afterwards. Some of us like to slather it on our scalp before bed but it’s completely up to you!

For maximum results, however, many people suggest applying the oil at night and then leaving it to rinse out in the morning. Whatever the method, coconut oil has certainly earned its position in your daily routine. Don’t you want to grow your hair to the ground? Well why the wait? Get some of this amazing oil onto your head pronto!


About the Blogger:


A medical student with a passion for writing, Aiman Ibrash has written for many sites focusing on career and health. Combining her knowledge with her unique writing skills, Aiman Ibrash has started her climb to fame, for which she devotes much of her free time. Besides juggling medicine with her passion, she still finds time to enjoy reading and cooking in her free time. You can also see more of her work here.

Henna or Chemical Dye, Which Is The Best Choice For Your Hair?

The battle between henna and hair dye rages on. With henna being the natural contestant armed with its own set of advantages, its popularity has been on a definite rise. However, the chemical dye is not going down easy. Employing and advocating its own unique list of pros, the chemical dye is back in the fight stronger than ever.


So, which of these options is actually the better one? Well, what with both methods refusing to budge it seems difficult to select a clear winner. On the contrary, it is each individual’s preference that decides between these two, which is why we have chosen to lay before you, the pros and cons of each so that you can decide who to support.



-The pros:

For the most important part, henna is 100% natural, which means that the hair damaging effects of chemicals can be excluded to almost non-existent. It also contains tannin’s, which are substances that cling to your hair, leaving it stronger than ever before, a sort of reverse action in comparison to the chemical dyes.

In addition, applying henna is convenient for those who don’t have a lot of time to spend on their hair. This is due to its property of staining, which gives a strong color that is likely to stay on and fade very little if at all, so the problem of repeated applications can be thrown out of the window.

Furthermore, despite the strong ability to cling to hair, it seems to not stain your scalp at all, allowing a free hand for the application. Speaking of the scalp, all that dandruff in your head and even lice can be treated with henna, where it’s antiseptic and moisturizing function gets rid of these pesky problems for a better environment, and greeter relief.

Last but definitely not the least, it’s very cost effective which makes it accessible to almost everyone, so that the entire community can benefit from its advantages, at a very cheap price.


-The cons:

A MAJOR con is the color availability; yes, certain modifications have been made that allows henna to stain your hair in a few hues other than the customary red, but the choices are still limited.

Another problem, which is also the most important issue for users who prefer to skip colors is the fact that henna may or may not allow you to change colors later. Usually, a chemical dye over henna seems to give an unpredictable result which is why many people are cautious before committing to the product.

Chemical Dye:


-The pros:

Let’s just say, these dyes are more practical. Requiring short times to give you the color you want and an ease of accessibility, with every other salon offering a professional do, getting your hair colored with this option is very easy and straight forward.

Plus, the dye is available in the whole rainbow of colors, giving you the option to choose from the entire spectrum, any color that you would like. So it’s safe to say that when it comes to variety and convenience, the chemical dye comes through.


-The cons:

The major problem with hair dyes is their damaging effects on the hair. Applying those harsh chemicals to your strands strips them of their water content and makes them susceptible to breaking, which is also why chemical dyes causes split ends.

Another factor is allergies. Not everyone is adapted to having their scalp exposed to so many strong chemicals. Many end up getting severe reactions with an itch that can be very painful. What’s more, repeated irritations to these chemicals have the potential to damage the skin of your head to the extent that it may cause cancer. A pretty heavy price to pay for changing your hair color, don’t you think?

All in all, we have tried to address every issue and use of each contestant so as to lay down the whole profile of henna and the chemical dye in front of you. The decision now lies with you. Would you prefer quality or would you rather go for the rainbow?

Choose wisely, after all, it’s your hair, to begin with.


About the Blogger:


A medical student with a passion for writing, Aiman Ibrash has written for many sites focusing on career and health. Combining her knowledge with the unique pen ship skills, Aiman Ibrash has started her climb to fame, for which she devotes much of her free time. Besides juggling medicine with her passion, she still finds time to enjoy reading and cooking in her free time.

Introducing 5 Sensational Foods That Will Grow Your Hair

One of the questions I get asked a lot is “How can I grow my hair?” you would think it was the secret to life the way so many do research to find the answer. Everyone wants healthy hair and will practically do anything to get it. If I wrote an article stating how jumping up and down on one foot helps growth and had it backed by science, there would be some who would try.

Thankfully, I’m not here to tell you that’s the answer. Instead I’m here to provide an old school way to help your hair growth. I’m so surprised at how many people neglect this but hopefully you will take my advice.

Healthy hair starts with a healthy diet


There’s no way around it. You are what you eat! If you’re consistently eating poor and putting anything in your stomach then expect it to release from your skin and your hair. You can’t expect to grow long locks on a diet of juice and McDoubles, you need nutrients to make your hair grow.


Promoting nutrients in your daily meals will help you evade hair loss and will even make new hair pop out of your head to fill all those previously thin patches for a fuller, more glamorous look. So, without further wait, we give you the following list which describes the different foods that you can eat in order to get your dream Rapunzel hair.



This meal is full to the brim with hair growth promoters like vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids aka “the good fat”, that target your scalp. They help keep this surrounding base of your hair healthy and nourished to make excessive hair growth a possibility. After all, strong hair will only sprout from a healthy ground.



If you have never considered trying this delicacy out, you may want to give it a go now! Oysters are rich in a metal called zinc. The deficiency of this metal in your body causes your hair to drop and makes your scalp unhealthy. However, eating only 5 ounces of this seafood can give you enough zinc to boost your hair growth to maximum levels. It also clears up your scalp to provide the healthy environment that your hair needs to stay happy. Your dream of that long flowing braid may actually be realized.



Eggs have long been rumored to benefit your hair and we will tell you the real reason why. Egg yolk is extremely rich in proteins that help strengthen the basic structure of your hair. Furthermore, it also contains omega-3 fatty acid, which is the ‘good’ fat and biotin, the vitamin which makes your hair grow fast. All these combined can increase your hair growth to give you long lengths in a very short time. Remember, it is the yolk that contains the goodies. Eat them to avail a multitude of nutrients that go straight to your hair!

Yellow peppers:


Vitamin C is a great plus for your hair. It is an antioxidant, having properties which help strengthen the hair so that your lank of hair can grow to extreme lengths without the fear of breakage. It also helps to make the hair bases strong so that they resist pulling and don’t come off as easily as before. Oranges contain vitamin C but yellow bell peppers have 5 and a half times the amount in an orange, clearly stating why they are such an excellent option to include in your diet.



It is no secret that avocados hold the tonic of beauty, so it comes as no surprise that avocados house a bucket load of benefits for your hair. They contain a high content of essential fatty acids, which are great for your hair. They also stimulate the production of fibrous tissue in your hair that helps ground them firmly to your scalp so that it becomes difficult for them to fall off. This enables strong hair, which means your hair can grow longer as they won’t fall off as soon as they lengthen.

Needless to say, your diet plays an essential role in keeping you healthy and beautiful in every way. Your hair also needs you to eat the healthy nutrients instead of the pointless junk that you keep putting in your mouth.

Clearly, for healthier, longer and thicker hair, some dietary modifications are in order. A little addition here and a little change there can make a big difference. Of course, you can’t expect to have a foot length of hair added to your head overnight, but trust us, slowly and surely your hair will certainly grow into the dream locks that you always wanted.


About the Blogger:


A medical student with a passion for writing, Aiman Ibrash has written for many sites focusing on career and health. Combining her knowledge with the unique pen ship skills, Aiman Ibrash has started her climb to fame, for which she devotes much of her free time. Besides juggling medicine with her passion, she still finds time to enjoy reading and cooking in her free time.

5 Hairstyles Perfect for Summer Vacations

The back to school commercials may be flooding your screen but that doesn’t mean it’s time to break out the pumpkin latte’s just yet. Summer is still here and we are going to enjoy it down to the last day.

For many of us, August is the perfect month to head on vacation. Prices go down, it’s right before fourth quarter, and since there are no holidays we need that time to ourselves.


One of the biggest problems I have when it comes to preparing for vacation is choosing a hairstyle. When you’re traveling, you want a hairstyle that will provide convenience and make you look good. No one wants to wear a style that’s going to require them to spend hours in the mirror. So here are a few of my favs for you to take courtesy of our favorite stylist, Maxdella Poe.

Maxi is the founder of Mes Cheveux, a private styling service for women on the go. As a professional stylist, it’s important for Maxi to stay ahead of the game when servicing her clients. Here are a few styles she’s suggested.

Senegalese Twist – light and convenient

Full Sew in with no leave out – great way to avoid hair damage from heat

Ghana Cornrows – convenient style that you can take out when you come back home

Crochet braids – Great look that allows you to reach your scalp for cleansing

Individuals – Get them short for a quick on the go style


Make sure you follow Maxdella (@maxi_poe) for more great hair styles. Make sure you remember to properly clean and oil your scalp while you’re away. You may be on vacation but your hair care is never off the clock!


How To Protect Your Hair From Chlorine

Pool parties and beach trips might be everyone’s favorite summer time fun activity. Who wouldn’t want to throw on a bikini with a sassy cover up and strut around with a margarita in hand?

Most of us spend hours online searching for the perfect swimsuit and researching the perfect hairstyle, but did you ever stop to think of researching how to protect your hair from the chlorine?


No matter how ratchet or fancy a pool is, you can guarantee that there is a ton of chlorine in it. The chlorine helps keep the pool clean and eliminates any bacteria that can form inside of the pool. This is great for keeping your health safe but can be detrimental to your hair.

Chlorine can cause your hair pH balance to shoot up and dry your hair out. It only takes one pool dive to cause damage to your hair and yet it takes months to repair it. This is why it’s important to take the proper precautions to your hair by doing the following:

WEARING A SWIM CAP – You might be thinking “well, DUH!” in your head but I bet you probably don’t even wear one when you’re swimming and who could blame you? Think back to summer of 97 when everyone was sent off to sleep away camps with swim caps packed away (thanks to mom). It wasn’t exactly the most stylish accessory and it was very uncomfortable. Thankfully, you have innovative brands like Sporti who make cute swimming caps in different styles and colors.


Wearing a swimming cap is your number one defense against Chlorine. It’s the most protection you can get for your hair while taking a dip in the pool. By creating a barrier against the chemicals and your hair, you are saving yourself a ton of damage. A good alternative could be a plastic cap or shower cap also. If you have a lot of hair, just throw it back into a scrunchie on the top of your hear or in the back and then place the cap over it.

RINSE OR CONDITION BEFORE SWIMMING – If you’re not sold on the idea of wearing a cap, then I suggest rinsing or conditioning your hair before you go into the pool. By doing this, your hair will absorb the water which means less absorption of chemicals when you go swimming. By putting in conditioner it also creates a barrier between your hair and the chlorine. You can also use shea butter or coconut oil to create a barrier to protect your hair.


WASH YOUR HAIR IMMEDIATELY AFTER SWIMMING – I don’t care if you have braids, twists, extensions, or even faux locs, YOU MUST WASH YOUR HAIR AFTER SWIMMING! A lot of people think since they have “protective styles” in that they can skip out on shampooing their hair after swimming. You’re doing more damage than you think.

The chlorine that your hair absorbed while you swam can be trapped inside the hair if you don’t wash your hair. This could mean weeks of chlorine sitting in your hair causing your hair to dry. You can still shampoo your braids and use a squeeze bottle to get into those strands that are braided. I personally prefer crochet braids because they are easier to get into.


Now that you are armed with knowledge use that power to give your hair the treatment it deserves. I know August is a big time for people to travel and hit up pool parties so if you plan on going under, I suggest taking these tips so that your hair remains healthy.

These 4 Ingredients in Your Fav Shampoo Could Damage Your Hair


Hair is one vanity that men and women alike, idolize. That bush on your head is one of your most prized assets. We want nothing but the best for our hair, we choose the best stylist, the best vitamins, and even the best hair products.

But how do we know if we’re really getting the best product for our hair? Just because it has a big name, doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed protection. The proof lies within the pudding and in our case that pudding is the ingredients.


Do we even look at the ingredients? No! Do we try to find out which of the chemicals may harm us? Definitely not! For us, the popularity of the brand is proof enough of the credibility of the product.

Little do we know that many famous brands are guilty of incorporating chemicals into their hair care products which do give a wow effect in the start, but if used consistently are a cause of extensive and irreparable damage for hair growth.

Do we have your attention? Yes, they can cause irreparable harm to your vain length. To protect you and for the exclusive benefit of your hair, we present a list of the most harmful chemicals that if present, should immediately raise the red flag!

The Hair Breakers:

xkThis group of ingredients is a big No. If applied on a regular basis they strip your hair of moisture and can eat away at your hair strands, weakening them to the extent that they literally break off. The horror they cause is certainly imaginable. The worst part is, once broken, the hair is so fragile that its future growth is likely to stop. So, whenever you find an ingredient label saying Isopropyl alcohol, simply put it right back on the shelf as your hair is certainly better off without it.


The Brittle-hair agents:

This group containing Ethylene glycol is used to dissolve and absorb the oils from your hair. In effect, it basically just evaporates the entire oil content from your strands in the name of a fresher look. You may be surprised to find out that this chemical was originally used to clean ovens. Yes, clean ovens…


How can a chemical, so harsh, be beneficial to your sensitive and soft hair? What shine would be left after you use such products on your mane? Would your hair ever be healthy again?  We leave you to decide whether or not to put this ingredient on the red list.



The Hair Driers:

You may often find yourself wondering why your hair is suddenly so rough and dry. It was fine 2 weeks ago and got even better when you tried out that new shampoo, but why isn’t it working now?


The reason is that certain chemicals in a hair product don’t show their effect early. However, on prolonged use, you may find your hair becoming increasingly dry, day by day. Chemicals like Sulphuric acid and Sodium Laurel are all part of the culprit group. Initially, they do make your hair look healthy but it’s downhill from then on. Trust us, it’s better to avoid such ingredients at all cost.


The Scalp Irritators:

There is a group of chemicals that go deeper than the hair. They target your scalp which is the actual growing part of your mane. The most notable of the agents is polyethylene glycol. The chemical is so two-faced that one can go as far as to call it a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.


While damaging and eating away the constituent protein of our hair and the scalp, the chemical gives off a false charm of smooth and shiny hair. We suggest you avoid using products that use this chemical, as the damage it does can not only cause your hair to fall out but may also cause certain diseases of the scalp.


With all these advancements in science, the chemical world has come up with shortcuts to better hair care. Sad to say, not all of them are actually beneficial for your hair and require due thought before application. Putting on a shampoo or a conditioner or even a hair spray, we never realize what chemicals we are exposing to our hair. However, if we keep on underrating the importance of finding out what we put on our head daily, it may be too late. Clearly, it’s impossible to ever have the glorious hair in the commercials, on the contrary, using brands unknowingly may ultimately cost you your own hair!


About the Blogger:


A medical student with a passion for writing, Aiman Ibrash has written for many sites focusing on career and health. Combining her knowledge with the unique pen ship skills, Aiman Ibrash has started her climb to fame, for which she devotes much of her free time. Besides juggling medicine with her passion, she still finds time to enjoy reading and cooking in her free time.