What You Need to Know About Laser Hair Therapy

Be honest, it may have crossed your mind a few times. For the longest laser hair therapy has been an effective solution to hair loss and yet we still avoid it. Maybe it’s because we don’t want to face our hair loss problem or maybe it’s because we don’t know too much about it. When I used to go to the salon I would tune out conversations about it because I assumed it wasn’t something I needed. “That’s for older wealthy people who are losing their hair, I’ll never have that problem” I thought to myself. But hair loss is NOT limited to aging people and laser therapy can be very beneficial to hair loss and prevention. Here are a few facts about Laser hair therapy that you probably didn’t know.

The Sooner You Get It, The Better The Results – Natalie McNeill, owner and hair loss consultant at Ends Hair Design & Spa, recommends getting laser therapy the minute you begin to notice hair loss or thinning.

Once a hair follicle is dead, it’s dead! However, laser therapy can provide blood flow to a sleeping follicle and generate hair growth in thinning areas. The sooner you jump on laser therapy, the better your results will be. -Natalie McNeill

Consistency is Key – Hair Loss is like weight gain. Once you get the results you’ve wanted, you still have to maintain them. You may not need as many sessions as you did when you started your treatment but you should still get a treatment at least once a month. If you stop cold turkey on the hair treatments, your hair loss will return.

It’s NOT Instant – I know you’re probably expecting to get one session and then by the end of the month, your hair will grow and your locks will thicken. This is not ideal and anyone who is promising you that, is probably running a scam. Laser hair therapy takes time and patience. Many clients testify seeing results as early as 4 months but did not see a major difference until a year of treatments. You’ll see little hairs growing in but the full damage will not be repaired until at least 1 year after starting sessions

Pain Free – You will not feel a thing during your sessions. Many prospective clients assume that they may feel a burning sensation but with the advance technology of the lasers, you will not feel a thing!

Flexible – Treatments are scheduled around your availability and do not take long at all. The best part is that you can still get some things done during your session. Bring a laptop and clean out your inbox or just bring a book to read.

Budget Friendly – Hair loss consultants have various packages for laser hair therapy available to clients. The most a treatment could cost would be $5,000 a year which ends up being about $50 per session for someone who goes often.

I always ask my clients what there budget is for the therapy sessions so that we can can create a treatment based on their needs. I also have portable laser therapy combs for those who can’t do the sessions as a cheaper option. -Natalie

So if you’ve been contemplating on an option to repair your hair loss, you should definitely look into laser hair therapy. I should also let you know that laser hair therapy will NOT work on hair loss due to chemotherapy or alopecia. It’s also very unlikely to see results for extensive hair loss for over 5 years. Don’t wait until it’s too late, schedule your consultation today! If you need help with hair loss contact us for more information.