Henna or Chemical Dye, Which Is The Best Choice For Your Hair?

The battle between henna and hair dye rages on. With henna being the natural contestant armed with its own set of advantages, its popularity has been on a definite rise. However, the chemical dye is not going down easy. Employing and advocating its own unique list of pros, the chemical dye is back in the fight stronger than ever.


So, which of these options is actually the better one? Well, what with both methods refusing to budge it seems difficult to select a clear winner. On the contrary, it is each individual’s preference that decides between these two, which is why we have chosen to lay before you, the pros and cons of each so that you can decide who to support.



-The pros:

For the most important part, henna is 100% natural, which means that the hair damaging effects of chemicals can be excluded to almost non-existent. It also contains tannin’s, which are substances that cling to your hair, leaving it stronger than ever before, a sort of reverse action in comparison to the chemical dyes.

In addition, applying henna is convenient for those who don’t have a lot of time to spend on their hair. This is due to its property of staining, which gives a strong color that is likely to stay on and fade very little if at all, so the problem of repeated applications can be thrown out of the window.

Furthermore, despite the strong ability to cling to hair, it seems to not stain your scalp at all, allowing a free hand for the application. Speaking of the scalp, all that dandruff in your head and even lice can be treated with henna, where it’s antiseptic and moisturizing function gets rid of these pesky problems for a better environment, and greeter relief.

Last but definitely not the least, it’s very cost effective which makes it accessible to almost everyone, so that the entire community can benefit from its advantages, at a very cheap price.


-The cons:

A MAJOR con is the color availability; yes, certain modifications have been made that allows henna to stain your hair in a few hues other than the customary red, but the choices are still limited.

Another problem, which is also the most important issue for users who prefer to skip colors is the fact that henna may or may not allow you to change colors later. Usually, a chemical dye over henna seems to give an unpredictable result which is why many people are cautious before committing to the product.

Chemical Dye:


-The pros:

Let’s just say, these dyes are more practical. Requiring short times to give you the color you want and an ease of accessibility, with every other salon offering a professional do, getting your hair colored with this option is very easy and straight forward.

Plus, the dye is available in the whole rainbow of colors, giving you the option to choose from the entire spectrum, any color that you would like. So it’s safe to say that when it comes to variety and convenience, the chemical dye comes through.


-The cons:

The major problem with hair dyes is their damaging effects on the hair. Applying those harsh chemicals to your strands strips them of their water content and makes them susceptible to breaking, which is also why chemical dyes causes split ends.

Another factor is allergies. Not everyone is adapted to having their scalp exposed to so many strong chemicals. Many end up getting severe reactions with an itch that can be very painful. What’s more, repeated irritations to these chemicals have the potential to damage the skin of your head to the extent that it may cause cancer. A pretty heavy price to pay for changing your hair color, don’t you think?

All in all, we have tried to address every issue and use of each contestant so as to lay down the whole profile of henna and the chemical dye in front of you. The decision now lies with you. Would you prefer quality or would you rather go for the rainbow?

Choose wisely, after all, it’s your hair, to begin with.


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